Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Voice Thread

Room 2 are learning to choose how they present information.  This might be a video, a poster, a google slide presentation or a video on Explain Everything with the iPads.

Today Mrs C worked with a group of keen enthusiasts who learned how to use a free web based tool called Voice Thread.  This tool allows us to import photos or videos and add voices, notes and annotations over the top.  Check out our Voice Thread presentation on how to insert a photo into google docs:

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Koko's Inquiry Into Beluga Whales.

Koko wanted to find out about Beluga Whales.  Check out his Google Slides for what this process looked like:

Here is what he found out, presented how he wanted to share it:

Blessing Finds Out About Sharks

Blessing had a question about Sharks and their teeth.  Check out the process he went through to find his answer:

This is how Blessing presented the information he found about his question:

Mafi had a Question About Rhinos...

Here is his question and what he found out:

He presented his learning in Google Docs:

Journey and Iose with their Waka Huia

Waitohi and her Waka Huia

Precious Finds out about Elephants

This week Precious has been following her own lines of inquiry, check out what she found out about Elephants:

Here is her research presented in Google Docs:

Thursday, 17 November 2016

InstaGrok Research Tool

Today in my course, I also learned about this great digital tool for online inquiry searches.  It's called InstaGrok - you can check it out here

This is an example of one that Mrs C used today:

Voice Thread

Mrs C is on a course today, one of the exciting resources that she picked up is something called Voicethread.  She had a go at this using some photos of Angela teaching us how to create a screen shot to import into a google doc.  It was too noisy to use the voice over tool but Room 2 will be able to learn how to use this to share their learning.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

So proud of my awesome class!

This week Mrs C has had to be out of class for important meetings and presentations.  She was so proud of her awesome kids when she came back to school on Wednesday morning to find this note left by a reliever in our class:

So lucky to teach such an awesome group of kids!

Jahcarter's Big Day

Today was Jahcarter's birthday!  He turned 8 years old and shares his birthday with 4 other people at Rangikura School!  Mr Uluilelata, Ms Souter, AJ our wonderful teacher aide and Molly.  He was pretty surprised when he watched the school perform the haka to honour this special day right in front of him.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy of his classroom celebration:
The birthday boy and his THREE cakes!

Workspace fun in Literacy

This week in literacy Mrs C gave us a choice, she found 5 different types of kites and we got to choose one that we could make!  The catch was, we had to write our own set of instructions to explain to someone else how to make our kite.  We have learned a lot about the importance of making sure we list all of the resources needed to make it and ensure that each step is clearly written, therefore easy to follow.

Here are some teasers of what we have been up to.  This is a work in progress due to Mrs C being out of class a bit this week. Lucky we can carry it over and finish it off next week....

Hmmmn, what does it say we have to do next?

Lots of great problem-solving and discussion here...

Look Mrs C, look what Precious and I have made!

Here's Mrs C with that annoying camera again!

Keilani and Ebony chose to make a paper bag kite, it is looking very colourful now!

Caution: designers at work!  Do not disturb.

Working it out ourselves, step by step.

Exciting, it's starting to come together now!

Kingston with his kite, one proud kid here!

Precious and Chorus make a great team, look at those smiles!

More to be added as we complete our instructions.  

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Harley and Niah's Eel Presentation

We had fun putting our presentation together while we were on the Chromebooks learning about the Eel species.  Here is our presentation for you to look at.  Please leave us comments!

Kingston and Javier's Eel Presentation

We have been busy learning about eels.  We chose the Moray eel because it was really long in the pictures.  We have found out lots of facts and information, we hope you learn heaps from our presentation.

Parepaora, Keilani and Precious' Eel Presentation

Here is our presentation.  We have been learning and writing about Electric Eels.  We hope you enjoy reading what we found out:

Michaela and Journey's Presentation.

Here is our presentation about Electric Eels.  We liked doing our presentation on the Chromebooks and in our Workspace.  Enjoy our presentation:

Louis and Logan

These boys have loved learning about Eels!  Check out their presentations for lots of cool facts about Eels.

Angela and Naomi's Eel Project.

We have been learning about Eels.  Here is our presentation about Electric Eels, we hope you enjoy reading it.

Malachi and Koko's Eel Presentation

Here is Malachi and Koko's eel information report.  Ask them to share with you what they had to do to create this.

Blessing and Iose's Presentation about Eels

Blessing and Iose have been working in our Workspace this week on a research project.  Have a look at what they have to share with you about Electric Eels:

Hapara Workspace

This week Room 2 have been super excited to work in their new Workspace.  This is a space where they go to for a learning task, it has the resources that they will need to complete the task, the documents that they will be working in and the purpose for learning.  

This means that they can keep track of what they need to do to be successful in their learning, Room 2 love this independence and they can complete the tasks at their own pace.  

Keep an eye on our blog where we will be publishing our writing about Eels that we completed in our Workspace.   Ask us about what it has been like using the Workspace, we will happily tell you about how it works and how awesome we have found it.

Here are some photos so that you have an idea of what it looks like:

Here is what our workspace looks like, we can access any resources that Mrs C puts here and use these in our learning.  There were even youtube clips on the eel lifecycle to help us with gathering information about this.

This is where we could find
our fact files to store the
information until we were
ready to write.
This is what Mrs C can see and
how we access our writing.  We
are using Google Slides to present
our information.

Happy 8th Birthday Waitohi!

Yesterday was the beautiful Waitohi's birthday.  She was turning 8.  Her Mum and Dad brought in the most beautiful cake for her to share with her class.  We asked Mum and Dad to stay to enjoy this occasion with us.  We are glad they did, we had a lovely time celebrating our friend's birthday.  Here are some photos and a video clip of our class singing happy birthday to Waitohi.

Happy Birthday to you...

Look at the gorgeous cake!!

Candle time...

Cutting her cake.

Room 2 Superheroes enjoying the yummy cake.

Thanks Waitohi and whanau, we felt really special getting to share your birthday with you!  We hope you had a lovely evening celebrating.