Sunday, 11 September 2016

Jahcarter Gets His Principal's Award

On Friday Jahcarter was awarded his Principal's award.  He (like all of the other superheroes in Room 2) worked really hard to earn these and we just had to get a special photo of Jahcarter with Mr Uluilelata to celebrate all of his awesome achievements.

Room 2 kids know that they just have to get 5 certificates (and they don't have to be from school) then they can race to Mr Uluilelata's office to redeem those for a big flash Principal's award.

Clever Keilani Counts On

Last week in Maths, Keilani was learning how to count on from the biggest number to solve a maths problem, instead of going back to the beginning and counting from 1 which can take a while!

This involved looking at the equation and deciding which number was biggest.  Next she had to
set up the first part of the problem, then count on the next number in the equation until she got her answer.

This problem was 8 + 6 = ?

Can you see how she started with 8 then counted on the rest.  I tell you what, she was pretty proud of herself when she realised how easy the strategy was to use.

Keep it up Keilani!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Monster Glyphs!

You might be thinking...what on earth has that Mrs C been teaching now!?

Well, we used this key to create our monsters:

Then we put them up on our wall and used them to record data about our class:

Here are some of our superheroes deciphering our Monster Wall:

Scanning the data (don't our monsters look great!)

Gathering the data they needed
 Make sure you pop in and see if you can decipher our Monsters using the code too!

A New Strategy in Room 2 this Week!

Some of us have been learning how to add 2-digit numbers using place value partitioning.  We had a race to see if we could beat our buddy to solve the problem using the new way Mrs C taught us.  Check out our handy work:

This was our practice work before we got a chance to use it ourselves.

Here is the clever solving that our awesome mathematicians did...aren't they super smart!

Wacky Dress Day

Congratulations to our very own Reegan who got a certificate for one of the best costumes!

Here he is looking pretty pleased with his win:

Room 2 and Project Energize!

This week we started our Project Energize sessions.  Briana came and taught us some fun games that we can use to work on our fitness.  Here are some photos of our session and a cool video that Mrs C took of us using a slow motion tool on her phone.

Here Briana is talking to us about what we will learn.
Briana showed us the correct techniques for jumping and landing.

You have to bend right down.

Jump really high.

Landing like you are a motorbike!

We played a game called 'In the Pond'

"Quick kids, back out of the pond!"

We could go across the pond too!
Here are the cool cats in Room 2 demonstrating how to run across the pond!

 This game is called traffic light and when it's red... we have to stop like this...

 Yellow light means slow down to a walk...