Monday, 29 May 2017

Persia Powers through the 2s!

Here is a video of Persia who decided to prove to me today that she could count in 2s and she wanted to be able to do this all the way up to 100!

Go Persia 

Phoenix Proves it!

Mrs C challenges us to practice and prove that we can count in 2's.  I have been practicing, check out what I can do!

Sorry about the strange echo, we haven't worked out that technical glitch yet.

Monday, 22 May 2017

GoNoodle Fitness

Our school has committed to increasing the fitness of our beautiful Tamariki!  This means that most days we have 20 minutes of fitness and our class just love GoNoodle fitness Zumba and Dance clips.  Check out these videos of our awesome groovers doing what they love most:

We Love Chromebooks!

We are so lucky at Rangikura School because our Board Of Trustees approved for the purchase of more Chromebooks and we got an extra special delivery!  Mrs C didn't tell us that our Chromebooks were magic until someone worked out by accident that our new chromebooks can be a chromebook and a tablet at the same time...better yet, they have interactive touch screens!

Here is a photo of us enjoying our Chromebooks on the first day that we got to use them.

Grooving with QR Codes

Mrs C has been having fun creating QR codes as part of our maths programme.  She takes the URL of an activity to support our learning, posts it into a QR code creator and then we scan these using the iPads.  The awesome thing about this is that it saves us heaps of time and we can go straight to our learning tasks.  Here is an example of what a QR code looks like:


Here are some photos of our QR Code Station in action (thanks TK for being our demonstrator):

Simply scan...


Voila, my learning task appears like magic!

Did you know that you could do this too?  All you need is a cellphone with a QR code scanner app and you could come and join the fun in Room 2!  See you there 👋

Tidying up in Room 2

We are a class that love music, any excuse to sing and dance is an opportunity we won't miss out on.  Have a look at this clip Mrs C caught of us tidying up our classroom today:

Welcome to Aniyah's Baby Sister!

We were pretty lucky, the newest member of our extended whanau in Room 2 came to visit.  Koiya was only 4 weeks old and she came to meet the awesome kids of room 2.  Here are a few photos of her visit with us:

You can tell a few of us were excited to get a sneak peek!

Aniyah's proud Nan works at Rangikura School teaching the Room 13 kids.