Monday, 25 September 2017

Room 2 Exercised Their Rights to a Voice

Today in Room 2 we particpated in the voting process, here is a little video of how we got on:

Interestingly the class were very strong in their views of which political party they felt would best represent them and also who should represent the Mana Electorate.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Someone in our class is learning Japanese!

One of our superheroes has a member of their family in Japan and has also spent time there, living there at one point. Her Mum is learning Japanese but she is also teaching it to Eve. I caught this very sweet moment where Eve was sharing with her peers what she has been learning. I just had to capture it and share.

Superheroes with Superpowers!

This week in Ruma rua the awesome superheroes have been learning how to write explanations.  Some of us are writing our explanations for our political campaigns to persuade others to vote for us.  Some of us are writing explanations about which pet is the best pet and why we think this.

Emily and Keira K worked so hard on their pet explanations that they wanted to share their writing with us.  Ka pai korua!

Here they are being proud of their superpowers:

The class clapped for us.

Loving sharing her work with us.

Can you tell how proud of her writing she is?