Charging Our Super Powers

Fractional Fun in Term 4

This term we are learning about Fractions.  Mrs C will put up here any resources that will help us to practice our new learning at home.

Here is an introduction to fractions:

 Wednesday 23 March 2016

Numeracy Term 1 Week 8
We have been learning our facts to ten.  We call these the "Friends of Ten" and need to know these to be able to solve harder problems in maths.  Practice with us and see if you can beat us!

24 February 2016

Numeracy Term 1 Week 4
We have been learning our doubles facts.  This is a clip that we love to sing along too, believe it or not, this is helping us to recall our doubles facts lightning quick.

Spelling Term 1 Week 4

We have been learning how to break a word down into syllables.  Here is a video that we can use to share this learning with you at home:

Mrs C will add links to activities over the coming term that help us to charge our super powers and grow our minds.

We use Skoolbo in class, if you are interested in using this at home please speak to Mrs C and she can support you with getting it up and running.

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