Tuesday, 29 August 2017

We're Famous!

Here are the ever-gorgeous Room 2 Superheroes with the musicians from the NZ Orchestra.  We were lucky they wanted a photo with us.  Maybe they could tell we are the movers, singers and groovers of Rangikura... (shhh don't tell anyone else we said that!)

The NZ Orchestra

Yesterday we had the NZ Orchestra come to visit, they had the brass and percussion instruments with them.  Here is a video of what we learned, which instruments we had and how we got to join in.  We loved our time with them and got inspired by the talented musicians that we spent time with:

Learning about Place Value in the HQ

We have been looking at representing numbers with base 10 blocks which help us to understand place value and how numbers can be made and broken.  Mrs C taught us a new game called 'READY, STEADY, SKILLS' and we really enjoyed playing boys vs girls.  This is how you play the game:

Mrs C chooses two students to 'verse' each other.
They have to turn their back to the whiteboard until Mrs C says 'READY, STEADY, SKILLS' 
Mrs C writes a number in the range 0-100 on the whiteboard then she says 'READY, STEADY, SKILLS'
The two students turn and using the base 1-0 blocks make the number as quickly as they can.  The first one finished gets the points.  

Here are a few photos of the kids enjoying this new game:

Rhys and Jorja race to build their number...

Now it's Matthias and Keira's turn!

Aniyah and Leonard face off.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Duffy Theatre

We are so lucky at Rangikura, not only do we get free (yes you heard right...free) books every term but we also get the Duffy theatre come and perform.  This recent show was about a supergirl who was trying to save the world from global warming.  She enlisted Duffy's help because she read things but the letters got all jumbled up so instead of trees she planted flower seeds.  Mrs C has put together a short video so you can see what the show was all about...

Partitioning Made Easy!

Check out these cool cats.  See if you can work out how they used this strategy to solve addition problems...

Ready, Set, Go!!!!  How can you add 8 + 6 using partitioning?  Show me!

How did they solve 8 + 6 using partitioning?

A new challenge:

Ready to solve 9 + 5...

How did they solve 9 + 5 using partitioning?

We're ready Mrs C!

There's no stopping us now!


Slytherin - making maths easy!

Mrs C's Slytherin ALiM group have been learning about perimeter and area.  In fact, they are so clever with this that they are now experts and have been helping the rest of Room 2 with their learning of this.  Here are some photos of the Slytherin group in action...

This is the problem we started with - finding the area of a 4cm by 4cm square - (rectangle adapted for the purpose).

Making the  square with cm cubes 

Mrs C set us a challenge - of creating our own shapes then working out the perimeter and area of them.  Check out how we did:

Try and stop this clever crew!  Check out their solving below:

STEAM challenge with Mrs Bartley!

Last week the Room 2 Superheroes completed a Teepee challenge with Mrs Bartley.  The criteria were:

  • It had to stand up by itself.
  • It had to fit one team member inside it.
Here is a iMovie of our time with Mrs Bartley: