Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Workspace fun in Literacy

This week in literacy Mrs C gave us a choice, she found 5 different types of kites and we got to choose one that we could make!  The catch was, we had to write our own set of instructions to explain to someone else how to make our kite.  We have learned a lot about the importance of making sure we list all of the resources needed to make it and ensure that each step is clearly written, therefore easy to follow.

Here are some teasers of what we have been up to.  This is a work in progress due to Mrs C being out of class a bit this week. Lucky we can carry it over and finish it off next week....

Hmmmn, what does it say we have to do next?

Lots of great problem-solving and discussion here...

Look Mrs C, look what Precious and I have made!

Here's Mrs C with that annoying camera again!

Keilani and Ebony chose to make a paper bag kite, it is looking very colourful now!

Caution: designers at work!  Do not disturb.

Working it out ourselves, step by step.

Exciting, it's starting to come together now!

Kingston with his kite, one proud kid here!

Precious and Chorus make a great team, look at those smiles!

More to be added as we complete our instructions.  

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