Thursday, 3 November 2016

Hapara Workspace

This week Room 2 have been super excited to work in their new Workspace.  This is a space where they go to for a learning task, it has the resources that they will need to complete the task, the documents that they will be working in and the purpose for learning.  

This means that they can keep track of what they need to do to be successful in their learning, Room 2 love this independence and they can complete the tasks at their own pace.  

Keep an eye on our blog where we will be publishing our writing about Eels that we completed in our Workspace.   Ask us about what it has been like using the Workspace, we will happily tell you about how it works and how awesome we have found it.

Here are some photos so that you have an idea of what it looks like:

Here is what our workspace looks like, we can access any resources that Mrs C puts here and use these in our learning.  There were even youtube clips on the eel lifecycle to help us with gathering information about this.

This is where we could find
our fact files to store the
information until we were
ready to write.
This is what Mrs C can see and
how we access our writing.  We
are using Google Slides to present
our information.

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