Monday, 12 December 2016

Earthquake Presentations in VoiceThread

Two of our Earthquake research groups decided to learn to use a new presentation tool  for sharing their information.  It was called VoiceThread and it can be found at

Here are the two completed presentations and I think you will agree, a fantastic job by both groups.  It wasn't an easy task and they succeeded with persevering when they had unexpected hiccups along the way! 


By Angela and Journey

By Harley and Naomi

Niah, Keilani and Waitohi Have Learning to Share

Here is a presentation about Earthquakes for you to enjoy!

Carols Challenge

Room 2 were set a challenge - to take the tune and patterns in Jingle Bells and create their own Christmas lyrics to suit a New Zealand Christmas.  Check out the very talented Room 2!

By Precious, Harley and Parepaora.

By Jahcarter, Angela, Koko and Mafi.

By Blessing, Journey and Iose.

By Niah, Waitohi and Malachi.

By Ebony, Naomi and Chorus.

By Reegan, Kingston and Louis.

Blessing and Louis Teach us About Earthquakes

Here is our presentation about Earthquakes, we hope you find it useful.

Precious, Chorus and Parepaora's Earthquake Research

Here is our research about Earthquakes for you to enjoy!

How Room 2 Start Their Day

We saw a really inspirational video from another class blog by Ms Humphrey at

She re-wrote the lyrics to Juju on That Beat to suit a classroom setting and we loved it so much that we decided it's how we wanted to start our day.  

Check out our video.  Mrs C loves this idea so much that she wants to rewrite her own lyrics at some stage for her class next year.  We love a challenge!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Share Share !!

Easy Blog Photo
Looks like I signed into Rm 2 blog ok. Having trouble uploading a couple of explain everything slideshows, they're in my photos file, but don't show up when I try to find them from Junior Blogger. Pic Collage has been handy to put several trip photos together on one page to share around. Attached one is from Yr 7-8 snorkelling trip. Did similar for stream study trip and ELL Te Papa trip.