Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sensational Swimming

Here are some snippets of Room 2's first swimming session today.  Everyone had a great time and there were lots of smiles all round.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sun Shiny Days

Usually, at Rangikura School, we have to eat in our classroom to make sure that the rubbish outside is kept to a minimum.  Yesterday though with the sun shining so brightly, Mrs C couldn't help but to bend the rules and allow us to enjoy our lunch outside with the rest of the team.  More days like this please!

We Love Leadership in Room 2

In Room 2 we are learning that leadership takes many different forms and while some lead from the front, often there are leaders who lead from the back, gently and quietly supporting others on their learning journey.  One of our Superheroes was so proud of his learning in maths yesterday that he just couldn't wait to share the strategy he learned to use with his peers.

Good on you Rhys!  I was so proud of you and I know this was a big step to be up the front but you did it and showed others how to use the strategy of counting on.

Here are some photos of leadership at work:

Stage 3 Counting On

This week in maths, the Stage 3 group have been learning how to count on from the biggest number.  Mrs C threw them a few tricky equations like: 3 + 16 = where they had to identify that the biggest number wasn't the first number.  They learned that they could swap these around to start from the biggest number, they ended up with 16 + 3 = _

They then had to hold the number 16 in their heads and count on 3 more like this: 16 - 17 - 18 - 19, instead of always starting from 1.

Here are some photo stories of our Superheroes solving problems using this strategy...

Persia uses counting on:

Krue uses counting on:

Rhys uses counting on:

Stage 2 Know What To Do!

On Monday this maths group learned how to combine sets of numbers to be able to work out how many they end up with altogether.

They learned how to represent this as an equation: 3 + 4 = ?

Here are some examples of what they got up to:

Stomping Stegosaurus!

This week in our literacy program we are exploring the fascinating Stegosaurus.  A huge number of the Superheroes in Room 2 are Dinosaur fans so Mrs C decided it would be a great context to explore writing fact files through.  

Grab your chance to have a sneak preview of this documentary and stayed tuned for later in the week where all of the fascinating facts we have learned will be revealed...

Room 2 Superheroes - established 2017.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Wow, Superheroes are all about!

ClassDojo Champions

A massive congratulations to our superheroes Krue and TK who won ClassDojo for weeks 2 and 3.  This involves showing that you are a self manager, working quietly, helping others, caught being good and doing our homework.  Check out the huge number of points that these two boys scored.  

I wonder which Superhero will win this week...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Fuelling Our Bodies!

Today Mrs C had release time to make lots of cool resources to help us in our learning.  Miss Cole was in our class teaching us about how to fuel our bodies.   When Miss Cole comes to us we learn about Health and PE.  Here are some photos of us learning today, ask us what we learned about fuelling our bodies the right way.

We had to put food items in the right place.

Here we are working hard on our food pyramid shields:

Stylish Statistics!

This term Room 2 will be learning about Statistics and looking for patterns, information and comparisons in the data that we collect.  

Here is a photo of our first class graph that we all worked together to make.  Mrs C wanted to know which celebration was Room 2's favourite celebration. 

We could choose from:

Can you work out from our graph which one is the most popular in our class (sorry the photo quality isn't great, it goes a bit funny when we take photos off our whiteboard)?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tipaula and Jericho's Tower

Today these clever cats had finished their work so they decided to work together to build a Tower of Doom.  It got as tall as Mrs C, she was very impressed!  Check out the movie of their tower below:

Welcome Back!