Sunday, 22 October 2017

Room 2 Elections

Last term we spent the term creating our own political parties.  We had to work together to collaboratively write our campaign speeches and had to learn how to write the particular text type that enabled this to happen.  We worked really hard all term, created our own campaign posters with our own unique slogans and got right into the spirit of being a politician.

Here is our term's work for you to enjoy:

Back into Moving and Grooving!

We love our fitness and brain breaks!  Here is a short clip of the Superheroes back in the groove...

We Love Art!

During the week we created spring gardens in response to a spring poem we had read.  We used the language clues in the poem to draw what the poem would look like visually.  We used an art channel on YouTube to find out how to draw the bug that we wanted in our spring garden. 

We told Mrs C we loved it so much that on Friday afternoon she let us have free drawing time.  This meant we could choose something we wanted to learn how to draw and use the tutorials to learn the steps to create it.  Mrs C took some photos of us all hard at work. 

The only criteria Mrs C gave us was that it had to be a challenge...we couldn't choose something that we knew would be easy.

Recounting the Holidays

Last week on Monday, Mrs C said that we could write a recount of our favourite part of the holidays.  She said we could use 5 different text types to do this and best of all, we got to choose which one we wanted to use:
  • A letter to a friend.
  • A diary entry.
  • A newspaper article.
  • A news report (like they do live on TV).
  • A good old fashioned recount.
We also got to publish in any style we wanted.  Some of us used PicCollage, some of us used Google Docs and some of us used Google Slides.  Mrs C also taught us how to use the graphic tool in Google Docs and Google Slides to create our own illustration to accompany our writing.

Mrs C realised when reading some of our writing that we can't always see when our writing doesn't make sense, our minds are very clever at making it make sense.  So, she decided that once we were finished publishing, we would hand our computer to someone else who was finished and we had our own writing read back to us.  We learned how to utilise the highlighting tool, if my partner read a sentence back to me of my own writing that didn't make sense we could simply say "highlight it" or if it made sense and we were happy with the sentence we could alternatively say "leave it".  This is a peer editing process that made sense and worked for us.  

We then went back to our original writing and created a final draft by working through our original published piece and fixing up the parts that needed it.  We had fun doing this and didn't see it as writing again but producing a more polished version after editing and peer review.

Here are our published pieces of writing: