Sunday, 23 October 2016

Getting Creative in Our Stories Through Animation.

We are learning about Nuturing Nature this term which covers eels, conservation and preservation.  We will learn about life cycles, adaptation, survival, the 7 basic life processes and loads more.

Mrs C had a challenge for us.  

To make connections for us Mrs C found the story The Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street.  You can watch the story here:


We decided that we wanted to write a similar story but make it about us and connect to our learning about Porirua.  So we went through a process to plan our story:

We planned our story and used our friends as the characters but also objects out of the cultures within our class as the gifts that Awarua would give the children.  After writing our story Mrs C showed us how to use an app called Explain Everything on the iPads to create a movie from our story.  

Here is what we created together in that session:

This had lots of learning attached but we felt we did a pretty good job considering it was our first go.  We discovered the importance of locking our backgrounds (so they didn't move mid-recording) and learned how to group objects together so that they moved together.

Our Creations:
This was our first time using this app in this way so our attempts aren't perfect but we really enjoyed adding this creative layer to our writing.  Here are some of the animations that we produced.  None of them are finished but the process was the main learning we undertook.  Enjoy these tidbits of our animated works:

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