Sunday, 23 October 2016

Fractional Fun - that's the one!

Here are some more of our awesome superheroes learning about how to create fractions.  They know these things about fractions:

  • The parts MUST be equal.
  • The denominator is the bottom number - we call him Mr Bossy because he tells us how many parts there need to be altogether.
  • The numerator is the top number - he runs around collecting how many we need.
  • We know what the different fractional parts are called.
  • We know that there is a strategic way to cut something into quarters, by starting with half
Here are some photos of us working with fractions.  Please ask us about our learning at home, we are so loving maths and busting to share it with you!

Our task:


We needed to make our eels like this:
Here we are making our 5 eels before cutting them into fractional parts as explained in our task:

 We solved it, here we are looking pretty pleased with ourselves.  We are fractional experts now!

Journey and Naomi working well together to solve the problem!

Louis and Chorus made a great team!
Blessing and Niah worked well to make equal parts.

Koko and Waitohi knew what to do, they were pretty happy with their Eel solving.
Harley and Keilani worked together, learning as they went.

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