Monday, 20 June 2016

Wicked Writing!

This week we have used a science activity as our inspiration for writing - we are going to have a go at writing a science report!

Mrs C found this cool water fountain experiment and we did it this morning.  We had to come up with a big question, so our question for this experiment was:

"Is air always there and does it take up space?"

Mrs C blew up a balloon and put it over the top of the soft drink bottle - we were mystified about why the balloon didn't go down.  Here is a photo of Louis inspecting this very closely:

Harley came up with a great idea!  Mrs C asked us why the balloon didn't go down and Harley shared that he thinks it's because the bottle already had air in it, so instead of the bottle filling up with air and the balloon deflating it stayed blown up.

Here is what we needed for our experiment:

This is what we did:

First we had to make a hole in the bottle about half way and push a straw through it.

Then we had to use blu-tack to make sure we plugged up any spaces around the straw.
Ebony and Mrs C worked together to achieve this.

Next we filled it up with water - nothing happened!  Michaela is looking a bit worried here that our experiment is going to be a flop...

So we added blue food colouring:

Nope...still nothing happened.  Maybe changing the colour was a bit optimistic...

SUDDENLY we had a brain wave, maybe we needed some air to help the water to C blew up a balloon (again) and we laughed a lot at her face while she did this.  Once it was blown up Mrs C attached it to the top of the bottle:

It worked!  Here is a video of us watching our awesome water fountain and Mr Louis answers a tricky question:

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  1. Awesome work Superheroes - great to see your happy smiley faces so excited to learn about science