Friday, 17 June 2016

Stage 5 - Bringing Learning Alive!

You must check out the clever strategy use of these 3 clever cats!

Today I told them that they were going to be able to solve an addition problem involving 2 and 1 digit numbers without counting.  They thought Mrs C had finally had one too many coffees.

We explored three strategies that could all solve the problem.  These involved using our known facts, friends of 10 and compensating (when you borrow then repay).

Kingston, Reegan and Blessing all chose the strategy that they found most suitable to their style of learning and had a go at solving a problem using it.  The tricky thing was...they weren't allowed to count...AT ALL!  They had to find another way to solve it.

We nicknamed the three strategies:

Mr Thief - this involved stealing from the 1 digit number to be able to round the 2 digit number to the nearest ten, then adding what was left over.
Mr Doubles - this involved making a double with the ones then adding on the tens.
Mr Nice - this involved Mr Nice loaning us some money to make a tidy number (the tens family), which was great but then we had to pay it back at the end.

Can you figure out which strategy each of these clever mathematicians used?  HINT: if you can't work it out ask the mathematicians themselves.

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