Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tamaiti Mua

Kia ora whanau!

Part of our Tamaiti Mua initiative is total collaboration between home and school.  I invite you to join us on ClassDojo.

Today I have sent you an invitation to join your child's account, from here you can view how they are going in class, their homework tracking etc.  I can also send you messages and images if your child has done something during the day that they are particularly proud of.

Our blog is where we celebrate learning but there are times during the day where I can share individual's progress directly with you.  I am all about blasting the walls of our classroom away, where you can access your child's learning and progress anytime, from anywhere.  All you need is your phone.

The invitation your child brings home with them today has a crossed out section (I have already got this part up and running) and a highlighted code with instructions, this part is for your information so that you can connect with us.

Here is an example of what your invitation looks like:

See you on ClassDojo!

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