Monday, 4 April 2016

Super Statistics!

In our class we are learning about statistics and how to carry out a statistical investigations.

Our teacher has shared our learning intentions with us.  By the end of this week we will be able to:
  • Pose questions for investigation
  • Collect category data
  • Display data in tally charts, uniform pictograms & bar charts
  • Make statements about data displays
  • Collect data looking for trends and talking about these using evidence (what the data shows).
Here is the first session where Mrs C introduced us to statistics, what it is all about and how to gather information.  
We couldn't remember much about statistics from earlier years at school.  It has been a long time between graphs!
We decided to find out which Superhero is Room 2's favourite.  Here are photos of some of us filling out a tally chart:

This is what our tally chart looked like at the end.  You can see some of the questions that Mrs C asked us about the data.  Keep checking back to see us carrying out our own statistical investigations.  Ask us about what we have been learning and what we found out!

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