Monday, 4 December 2017

Room 2 Animation Success

We have been writing Pirate narratives in Room 2.  We learned about writing a sizzling start and trying to finish with a fantastic finale!   I am pretty impressed with the results.  Once we were finished we were allowed to use the App Explain Everything to create our characters and the props we needed.  We then drew the backgrounds for the beginning, middle and end of our story. Mrs C taught us how to bring in the characters, group items together like our pirate and our ship so that they could move as one.  Here are our animations, we hope you love them!

By TK Bartley

By Leonard Hammond

By Persia Bentley Wesche-Fanueli

By Essence Baker

By Rhys Lepou

By Krue O'Gorman

By Isaia Paruru

By Jorja Galo

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