Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Partitioning like a Pro

Mrs C's stage 3 group are just getting way too clever at this partitioning business!

Here are some photos of them partitioning to make a tidy 10.

If your child is in this group please ask them to explain to you how they do it.

Enjoy the photos:

Krue went to the lolly shop and brought....

7 green gummy bears and 6 orange gummy to solve this problem with partitioning?

Why of course!  7 add 3 more makes ten, then you add the three left over.  Ta dah!  That's partitioning to 10 by splitting our second number up into parts.

Persia went to the dairy and brought 8 orange gummy bears and 5 green gummy to get partitioning!

Yup, you guessed it!  These whizz kids knew to add 2 to 8 which makes ten then add the rest on.

Cooper went to the dairy and brought 7 green gummy bears and 4 orange gummy bears...

That's easy Mrs C!  7 add 3 makes 10 with one left over = 11!

Can you work out what the word problem would be for this photo?

Were you right?

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