Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stage 2 Counting On

Our stage 2 maths group are learning about counting on.  This is when you start at the biggest number instead of counting all of the number.  Check out our super stars in action while learning how to use this strategy:

Kahjaden started at 5 and counted on 4 more.

Jadyn started at 6 and counted 4 more.

Emily started at 6 and counted 6 more.

Mrs C was setting up a problem for the group to solve using counting on.  They weren't allowed to peek until Mrs C said so.

Keira is counting on from 7 - what do you think her answer was?

Yup you are right, she got 11!  She looks pretty pleased with herself.

Amelia was counting on 6 more from 8 - what answer do you think she got?

You're right!  The answer is 14, Amelia was super happy she worked this out herself.

Faith has just joined us from Palmerston North.  She was counting on from 5.

Yes Faith, you are right, the answer is 10!

Mrs C could see we were getting clever at this so she set us the challenge of making some addition problems for our buddy to solve using counting on.  Check out the photos of us in action:


  1. Awesome work Room 2! Keira you definitely look impressed with your counting skills. Well done! Mummy is soo proud of you :)

    1. She was very proud! She loved the competitive aspect of this lesson with setting on up for a friend to solve. You could play this at home together :O)