Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Measurers with Skills

Mrs C's Slytherin group have been learning about measuring.  They have looked at 1cm on a ruler and explored how mm can convert to decimals, fractions and 0.5 is the same as 1/2!  Here are some photos of these measurement experts finding out the exact measurement between two lines.  They are so super clever and could explain how 9.3 is the same as 9 and 0.3 of a cm OR 93mm OR 9cm and 3/10.

These clever kids deserve a special mention for all of their super learning about measurement.

Check them out while they work:

Hmmm, is this shorter than 10cm?  What's this, it's not exactly on a number...oh no!  What do I do now?

Hmmm something makes me think those scissors are bigger than 10cm Aniyah!

I just love Jadyn's enthusiasm, he looks pretty relaxed about this measuring business...

Isaia, I think you're right.   It's come up a tad short.  What are you going to do now?

Check out this clever mathematician...if at first you don't succeed...fold the paper smaller!

Let's get measuring!

Persia measured the distance between her marks and wrote the measurement herself.  Well done!

Wahoo Jadyn, you clever thing.  Look at that accurate measuring.

This cool customer was fairly confident of her measuring and could explain how she got the measurement 21.7cm.

Mr accurate, 24.5cm and he remembered he could say 24.5 or 24 and 1/2 cm

Matthias you are loving learning through measurement and you are getting pretty good at it too.

The rest of Room 2 had to find out what our secret Slytherin group had been up too...

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