Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Taking our Learning Out of the Classroom

Mrs C has been encouraging us to take our learning out of the classroom.  We know that if we come home and share our learning, take a photo and send it to Mrs C on ClassDojo, we get extra Dojo points for sharing our knowledge with others.

Here are some of our super stars who have been caught sharing their knowledge:

What a super star - Tipuala learned this new strategy on Wednesday 22nd of March and went straight home to show his Mum.  Kai pai tō mahi Tipaula!

Here is the example he used to teach his mum how to add using tidy tens:

Leonard and his Mum star in this awesome video after Leonard took his learning home to share...

I think you all agree Leonard and Reina (Leonard's Mum) deserve a massive pakipaki for their starring roles in this learning clip!

Leonard and Tipaula have been learning how to use a strategy called near doubles in maths.  Here are the evidential photos sent to Mrs C to show how these two had shared their knowledge at home:

Leonard shared this with his Mum

Tipaula shared this with his Mum                  

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