Sunday, 23 October 2016

Strategic Thinking

In our class we have been trying something new at the start of maths.  A quick 3 mental maths challenges where we continue to practice and implement the strategies that we have been learning over the year.   Mrs C has noticed that if we stop revisiting these then we tend to forget them so we agreed this was a good way to keep our strategic thinking active.

Each maths session starts with three questions and Mrs C writes the strategies used and who demonstrated them.  Maths is not only about being able to solve problems but also about being able to explain how we got our answer!  Infact Mrs C says, it's all fine and well giving an answer but the most important part of maths thinking is being able to explain how you got there!

Here is an example of our warm up questions and some photos of us working in our brain pools to talk strategy and to work the problem through:

Working and sharing our thinking, careful, strategic thinker stations ahead!

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