Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Funtastical Fractions!

This term we are learning about Fractions.  Here is a learning story about a groups' success yesterday.  When we tested for Fractions, this group knew 1/2 and that was it.  By then end of their maths lesson yesterday they were pros at being able to identify fractions by name but also how to create fractions with equal parts.  Here is what they did:

We unpacked our learning intention by breaking it into parts we knew.  Then Mrs C set us a problem to solve:

We had to cut our chocolate bar into are some photos of us experimenting with this idea to see how it might look.

Iose found this challenging but this was the idea, to discover what we didn't know.

Malachi wondered if all of his parts were equal.

Javier was very creative with his cutting but here he is, thinking about whether he has been successful or needs to work on this some more...

Mrs C decided we needed a bit of help and taught us an easy way to get this right.

That's looking better Logan, the thumbs up suggests Logan knows so too.

Wow Iose, look at that!  Well done buddy!

Javier is the King in Room 2 of creative approach, check out how he saw an easier way to solve this problem that worked better for him and how he learns.

Malachi was much happier with his equal sharing this time round.

The next part of our lesson involved splitting eels into parts, equal parts.  Here we are concentrating on rolling out our eels so that they are the same length:

Look at the clever work of these mathematicians, they can all split an object into equal sections and they know what each of these fractions are called.  Awesome work my Superheroes!

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