Sunday, 24 July 2016

Radical Rain!

In our writing programme we have been using lots of science based activities to get our minds excited and to bring out all of the awesome vocabulary that we get from these activities.  Our aim is to improve our writing by one whole year in only 15 weeks!

This writing motivation was all about rain and how it happened.  This led on to learning about the water cycle and how rain clouds formed.  We were shocked to learn that we are still using the same water that the dinosaurs used to survive.

Here are some photos of our experience for you to look at:

This is what we used to make rain.

                                              We added some water droplets (blue stuff)

After Naomi added her water droplets our cloud started to get heavy!

Can you see what happened?

Eventually our cloud got so heavy that it rained...a lot!

We are writing explanations about how rain happens this week in our writing.  Ask us about our learning at home, we have lots to share.  Here is a snapshot of our learning about the water cycle:

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