Friday, 10 June 2016

Room 2 in their Learning H.Q.

In maths we do a quick warm up at the start of our lesson.  This involves learning how to do something or practicing something we have already learned so that we don't forget how to do it.  In this lesson we were learning to split numbers by making (bridging) 10 before adding on the rest.  This is so that we can solve problems more easily and quickly.

In these photos Blessing and Kingston demonstrate how to do this perfectly.  See if you can follow what they did:

Can you see what Blessing has done here?  He had the number story 7+9 = ?  He needed to work out the answer.  He solved this by making 10 first then adding on the remainder of the number.  He had 7, took 3 from the 9 to make 10, then added on the 6 that were left.  Great work Blessing, you will find this easier and easier each time that you practice.

Kingston, you picked this up so quickly!  You could see the benefit of making 10 so that you could solve it quickly but you also could see really quickly how you can manipulate numbers to do this.  Kingston made 10 by adding 2 from the 9, which left 7 so he added the 7 on. to the 10.   
We are going to practice this lots so that we can do this without stopping to think.  Room 2 at their best in their learning H.Q.

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