Thursday, 3 March 2016

In the Living Room

Tom who works at the Zoo spent some time with us.  He showed us lots of cool things including some live reptiles.  Did you know that they are rumoured to be the cousins of the Dinosaurs!   Some of us got a little caught up 'monkeying around'.  Scroll down and you will see what we mean...

Tom talking to us about what animals need to survive.

Ard - the Blue Tongued Lizard.

Mrs C and Leena caught the fever too!

We had lots of guesses about what a turtle shell is made of.

We found out it is made out of bone and part of a turtle's skeletal structure.

Feeding animals at the Zoo, what will they eat.

The Warehouse Porirua donated these power packs and bottles of water just for us!  Kia Ora The Warehouse, you rock!

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