Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Exploring Our Thinking as Learners

We have been learning lots about how others perceive our actions, what this means for friendship and what others will think of me as a result.  We have had a huge focus on how we can fill other people's buckets by using this slogan "we are kind, we are helpful, we are Super Heroes."

Here is Mafi Otukolo explaining what he does to be a bucket filler.  Keep checking back as more of us add ours to this post.

Kia ora Mafi, we think you are pretty awesome and definitely fill other people's buckets with your acts of kindness.

This is Jazzaniah explaining why she is a great bucket filler:

Jazzaniah, you have only been in our class a few weeks but we can already see you are an expert when it comes to acts of kindness.  Keep it up!

Reegan explains what makes a bucket filler a good one:

Well Reegan you certainly are very good at doing all of these things, we are pretty lucky to have you in Room 2!  You are an acts of kindness super star!

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  1. Well done Room 2 I enjoyed listening to why you are a Bucket filler! Great stuff!